Brazil Tour 

Hang Gliding   &   Paragliding 

Enjoy warm  flying in the midst of winter! Experienced U.S. instructors guide you to the premier flying site in Brazil. Flying sites will be chosen from the following places and they will be determined by the prevailing weather conditions at the time. All that is necessary is to be slightly flexible and have a big smile.

Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais

 Governador Valadares, north of Rio de Janeiro, is a popular site for World Class competitions. The mild thermal conditions, light winds and gentle terrain allow magnificent flying from morning until dusk. Whether you fly XC or locally, it is the best mid-winter flying found anywhere. Governador Valadares is one of the most hospitable cities anywhere. Pleasant entertainment and dining are abundant.

Also available are side trips. Ask for details and prices.

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State

World known for its beautiful city, beaches, night  life and certainly hang gliding and paragliding from Pedro Bonita, Sao Conrado is an experience not to be missed. Any trip to Brazil isn't complete without the Rio experience.

Trancosa, Bahia

A perfect coastal site close to the quaint town of Porto Seguro.  World famous beaches making this a wonderful getaway flying vacation. Fly over the jungle and land right at your pousadas on the beach with music and food .     
The price does not include airfare. For significant others, $50 per day. Special Instructor rates are also available.


* Greeted at the airport Belo Horizonte upon arrival.
* Bilingual guide service.  
* Hotel accommodations                    

* Daily transportation to launch and retrieval.
* Local club flying fees

WHAT YOU NEED: * For Travel: Passport, Visa from the Brazilian Consulate
* For Flying: glider, reserve, helmet, vario, 2-meter radio, compass, International Rating IPPI card (USHPA), 
   GPS, lightweight flight suit, camelback, sunglasses, sunscreen, boots.
* For Clothing: Dress for summer, light shorts, tank tops, thongs, hat. Also a jacket, waterproof slicker, and something nice if you plan on going out.
* Money: Cash or travelers checks work best. Credit cards are generally accepted and there are ATM machines available
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